4 Reasons Why Large Businesses Outsource Their Transcription Needs

When you think of transcription, do you automatically think of the police, or lawyers? It is true that legal transcription is essential for court cases and for disputes, but transcription is also used in a variety of other circumstances. Businesses use transcription on a day-to-day basis, from small companies to multinationals. There are many reasons why businesses need the accuracy of word for word transcription – and there are many reasons why large businesses outsource this vital task. Large companies have their own internal securities and HR divisions but there are many tasks that are best handled as outsourced jobs.

We investigate why outsourcing transcription makes sense for large companies. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Cost Benefits

It is not cheap to maintain an in-house transcription team, even by the standards of large companies. While a large company may have money to spend on in-house transcription they must also constantly monitor costs and make changes in order to save money. Outsourcing transcription makes sense on a financial scale as it is usually cheaper than keeping a team in the company on high salaries.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

For most companies, transcription needs fluctuate from day to day and month to month. There may be times when there is a high volume of work, and others when there is very little at all. Companies run the risk of not being able to cope with the transcription requirements, or having too little work for the transcription team. For this reason, outsourced transcription services make sense as the volume of work can easily go up and down as required.

3. Trust and Confidentiality

Outsourced transcription services come with the assurance of confidentiality, which is highly important for most large companies. Much of the work that is transcribed is sensitive or confidential, and it is important for the company to use a transcription services company that is dedicated to trust and confidentiality, rather than use freelancers or independent contractors who may not be so reliable or discreet. Professional transcribers provide court-ready documents so that in-house staff can be sure they have the important information ready for a case.

4. Efficiency and Professionalism

It is easier to rely on an outsourced company that prioritises transcription as its business than to have to find and train the individuals you can rely on to complete the task in-house. It can become a problem, when staff leave, or when someone is on holiday as you need to find replacements. An outsourced solution provides a seamless level of service and ensures that transcription projects are always handled efficiently.

Image: Image courtesy of jk1991 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net