5 Challenges You May Face Running an E-commerce Store

Running an e-commerce store can be very profitable and if done right can provide many lifetime benefits. However, running an e-commerce store isn’t easy and creating one that’s successful is even harder to achieve. If you’re looking to start an e-commerce store have a look at five of the most challenging jobs you will face when trying to make it a success.

1. Getting Your First Sales

One of the hardest challenges you’ll face is getting your first customers. If your store has only been online for a few weeks you’ll find customers are hard to come by and you’ll likely wonder when your first sale is going to come through the door. This is the biggest challenge you’ll face as you’ll need to market your site and invest money in advertising that may not work.

2. Website Problems

One of the biggest problems when running an e-commerce business is that you’ll need to make sure your website is online 100% of the time. By choosing a good host you can ensure your site is online most of the time, but if your website isn’t secure or updated to its latest versions on the CMS platform it’s based on, you’ll find it can come up with many other problems. Hackers can take advantage of old plugins and themes to hack your MySQL database to steal data, or worse, delete the whole lot so you have no data to process. When a problem such as this occurs, you’ll need to hire specialists to come up with a MySQL data recovery strategy to try and repair your database.

3. You Will Lose Motivation

Running an e-commerce store is very hard at first and without customers, you’ll likely lose motivation. You will ask yourself why you should carry on running the store if you’re not making any money, but you’ll just need to keep on top of marketing and advertising to keep your store running smoothly.

4. Competition Is High

When you eventually take off and get a regular flow of customers, it’s only a matter of time before one of your competitors is able to offer a better service for a cheaper price. Always try and stay competitive in the market by seeking new suppliers, but at the same time never sell your products for buttons just to compete, as there are other ways you can compete and by offering good customer support is one of them.

5. Managing Your Stock

Managing your inventory is easy to achieve at first, but as your business grows you’re going to run into several problems. You may need to rent space to hold your stock because your garage isn’t big enough. You’ll also need to be able to find time to pack and ship stock, as well as provide good support to your customers. Sometimes, the only way forward is to hire an extra pair of hands, but if your business is still growing that might not be a viable option.

The above challenges pose a great threat to your business, but if you plan and keep your customers happy there’s no reason why you can’t make your store a huge success.