The Top Factors to Remember when Choosing a Security Company for Your Enterprise

It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality – we find ourselves much more concerned with security, both privately and as a business. Criminality is on the rise, and this includes crimes against enterprises; mostly robberies, theft, and vandalism. Protection is necessary, not just to keep everyone safe, but also to make sure that the business can continue […]

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How to successfully negotiate the challenges of a carve-out

Anyone who has ever been involved in a carve-out will know exactly what we mean when we say that it’s a troublesome process. In standard deals, private equity isn’t exactly easy to comprehend. When carve-outs enter the picture, these complexity levels take a turn for the ridiculous. We by no means expect that by the […]

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Why basketball is such a great hobby

These days, it seems that everybody is finding time to play basketball. Even real estate rock star Blake Rubin can’t get enough of this game, as his social media posts frequently reference this sport. Why is basketball such a great hobby? We will break down the reasons in the paragraphs below. 1) It is affordable and accessible […]

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Managing Your Reputation in a Crisis

While the internet is a great thing, one of the downsides of it is that it allows bad news to travel very quickly. In fact, it takes just a few seconds for the entire world to know about some sort of mishaps. For businesses, this can be a real killer. Imagine a CEO being caught […]

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