Why basketball is such a great hobby

These days, it seems that everybody is finding time to play basketball. Even real estate rock star Blake Rubin can’t get enough of this game, as his social media posts frequently reference this sport. Why is basketball such a great hobby? We will break down the reasons in the paragraphs below. 1) It is affordable and accessible […]

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Managing Your Reputation in a Crisis

While the internet is a great thing, one of the downsides of it is that it allows bad news to travel very quickly. In fact, it takes just a few seconds for the entire world to know about some sort of mishaps. For businesses, this can be a real killer. Imagine a CEO being caught […]

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Understanding Title Loans and Their Benefits

People have different reasons as to why they may need some money in a hurry. Banks are often not forthcoming, particularly if there is a blemish on someone’s credit report. Even if they agree to supply a loan, it usually takes weeks before it is available. So people have to look for other constructions, one […]

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Why You Are Not Yet Successful in the Business of Music

Lots of people want to get involved in the world of music, but believe that they simply cannot be successful. This negative attitude is such a big problem that good music business degree programs even address it in their curriculum! So what are some of the reasons do people give for not being successful, and […]

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4 Reasons Why Large Businesses Outsource Their Transcription Needs

When you think of transcription, do you automatically think of the police, or lawyers? It is true that legal transcription is essential for court cases and for disputes, but transcription is also used in a variety of other circumstances. Businesses use transcription on a day-to-day basis, from small companies to multinationals. There are many reasons […]

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How Can I Tell What my Customers Are Thinking?

Any organisation which aspires to success must constantly evaluate their own performance in order to make those gradual improvements. When it comes to retailers, perhaps the most important measure of performance is customer satisfaction. The proportion of happy shoppers to unhappy ones will correlate very closely to the performance of the retailer – and so […]

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What Kind of Real Estate Should You be Investing in?

When it comes to investing your cash there are few better ways to do so than in the real estate market. Sure you could put your money in oil, precious metals or blue chip stocks but these often come with a little more risk or lower returns than the real estate market. When considering investing […]

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What makes a good investment banker?

If you are in your senior year of college, you might be considering becoming an investment banker. What do you need to do to excel at this profession? Below, we reveal the things that have propelled the best investment bankers to the success that they have achieved for themselves. 1) High levels of emotional intelligence […]

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