Enterprise Apps According to Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips was once the President of Oracle. Here, he used his time to learn about what the issues are that are facing business enterprise software and apps. He discovered that what people look for is high quality interfaces, agility, and mobility. However, it also seems that IT departments have yet to come on board. […]

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The Importance of Honesty in Leadership

Creating a successful business venture takes so many different things. Take, for instance, Charles E Phillips Infor CEO. He didn’t start at that position, but had to work incredibly hard for it. He started in the U.S. Air Force, where he completed a BS in Computer Science. He then moved to the U.S. Marines, where […]

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PPC Management Mistakes Beginners Make

PPC management can be really effective for almost all companies that run online marketing campaigns. These will increase sales and can improve brand reputation. However, the problem is that PPC management is so much more complicated than what it seems. The most reputable companies out there will actually charge a percentage of the money you […]

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Could Your Site Benefit From a Portable Office Solution?

May surprise you to discover that there are as growing number of businesses now utilising storage containers as offices! It’s a popular choice for companies working on construction sites, which still need an office set up from which to conduct their business. This sort of solution can be great as there are so many different […]

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Is it Time to Sell up Your Business?

Making money running your own business is never easy. A lot of the time it’s about timing. If you have a poor business, it’s often the case that the markets will move, and your type of business will start to become prosperous, but it’s always a case of whether or not you can keep on […]

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4 Things Consumers Want From Businesses

The era of consumerism has been in full swing for quite some time. However, the combination of the recent recessions and the growing global commitment to sustainability has made many consumers more discerning about where they spend their money. These people do not want to simply buy the first product that meets their needs. Instead, […]

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What You Should Do After an Accident at Work

If you are ever unlucky enough to be among the 1 million plus people involved in a workplace accident each year – you should be aware of what you need to do following such an incident to ensure that any claim for compensation has a successful outcome. Accidents in the workplace can be either minor […]

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3 Ways to Reduce Operating Costs Before a Company Expansion

Expanding a company can be expensive enough when you consider the cost of investing in new locations, equipment, and employees, and the subsequent burden on cash flow is only compounded when the business isn’t being run as efficiently as possible. Thus, one of the most important steps in any company expansion should be evaluating and […]

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The Pros and Cons of Having Your Reputation Management

Thanks to the internet, anyone can find whatever information they want, from any location. This has completely changed the notion of “word of mouth”. After all, thanks to social media, search engines, and a wealth of review websites, people are constantly voicing their opinions about everything, and other people are listening! This means that they […]

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