CEOs Who Made It Before 27

Being a CEO at the age of below 27 years old might be impossible. If you want to get far in life, nothing can stop you. There are a number of CEOs that are under the age of 27 and yes, they’ve quite made it, at such a young age. Here are six CEO’s who made it before 27;


Mathilde Collin

After receiving her master’s degree, Mathilde Collin found herself doing a job she wasn’t passionate about. At the age of 22, she launched her own company. She is now the co-founder and the CEO of Front App. This is a shared inbox app. The now 26-year-old has raised more than £13 million, and she’s still increasing the growth of the company.

Sahil Arora

Trying to help put advertising back into business in India, Sahil launched Tabverts. At the age of 18, he is the CEO and Founder of Tabverts. The concept was to advertise and entertain people. Which led to this idea. Now, the company has included tablets in cabs which will advertise for certain companies, also allowing passengers to read interesting content.

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Laura Behrens Wu

Laura started her business after getting tired of the issues she faced with the shipping from online stores at the age of 21. Laura founded Shippo in 2013 and is now the Founder and CEO of the company. She runs a team of 65 people at the age of 25 years in San Francisco. The company ships over one million packages per month. Her company is linked with other popular shipping companies, making the service more effective.

Shashank Murali

After selling his first company at the age of 20, Shashank used the money to invest into TapChief. This is a platform that helps you seek advice from professionals. More than 5,000 professionals are listed on this app and 1,000 students have paid to use the app. At 23 years old, his company has raised over $200,000 with a team of only 10. This has led to 75,000 minutes of professionals teaching students through the app.

Andrew Myers

Attending Yale University. About to start his senior year, Andrew packed his bags, and left to launch his own company. Ripple Recruiting is an app that helps students find jobs around the US. This app connects students with employers. Making it easier for them to get through the rest of the school year. At 23 years old, Andrew is the CEO of the company. With a team of only 12 people, it has raised $700,000 and has helped more than 20K students find employment.

Dominik Vacikar

Being the CEO of Hummingbird Ventures, the 24-year-old has set his sights much further than this. The app empowers entrepreneurs with access to advice, candour, funding and design expertise. Vacikar is winning with his tech platform sky rocketing through the market.

Here are six people who have showed that age is but a number. Sometimes you must be let down to find your way back up. Most of these stories show how the first try of these young people failed but on the second or third try, they succeeded. So, the earlier you start, the easy it’ll be to pick yourself up.