Could Your Site Benefit From a Portable Office Solution?

May surprise you to discover that there are as growing number of businesses now utilising storage containers as offices! It’s a popular choice for companies working on construction sites, which still need an office set up from which to conduct their business. This sort of solution can be great as there are so many different options when it comes to creating your office space. Because the base for this a standard storage container, you can change, adjust and re size before ordering, meaning that your office space can be pretty bespoke!

Some companies find that they can actually create an office which combines space for working alongside a storage facility. To create this, it’s normally important to get in touch with a storage container company to discuss exactly what you are hoping to create and receive. Obviously, there will be plenty of companies out there who aren’t able to offer this flexibility, but the best companies should be able to create bespoke containers for you. In fact, the best companies will be able to offer you solutions with any width, any length and with the doors wherever you would like them to be.

Incredibly, you might just find there’s even more to these bespoke units than you think! Some companies can offer Vents or wind turbines, they can upgrade the flooring to give your container more of a genuine office feel, they can provide under-coatings and shelving units, you will find windows not to be a problem for good companies, and you should be able to choose from a selection of different types of doors. Really you can almost take out a blank sheet of paper, draw and design whatever you want, and you should find a company who will create just what you want! Things like air conditioning and heating aren’t too much of a stretch for some companies, along with installing electrics so you can operate all of your office equipment upon arrival. If you think you might be in situ for some time, you can also look in to really creating a natural working environment, organising an interior build out, which will include studding and dry walling the container to improve sound and insulation. Also, if you think that the outer appearance of your container is of importance – perhaps to visiting businesses you need to impress, you can even order a gabled or sloping roof!

As you can imagine, with this number of options available to you, it’s important to find a company who really know what they are doing. A good mobile storage company will bring everything to your site for you and should be able to bring everything ready-made on site, or at least be able to construct for you on site.

If you can find a company to do all of this for you, then there’s no reason why your site can’t also be the location for a high quality fairly long term business office too.