How to Choose a FL TLSAE School

Not having a driver’s license can be a real drag when it really comes down to it. If you’re under 16, you’re probably just dreaming of the chance to get your learner’s permit. After all, planning school fieldtrips becomes much easier if you can call your own shots. If you’re over 16, you’re probably wondering why you waited so long for the ultimate luxury of freedom to go wherever you choose. If you are a little more than over 16, you may know how FL seniors are taking advantage of self-driving cars.

But there are a few hurdles that stand in the way of your dreams, so it may be time to consider how to successfully scale those hurdles now. Anyone looking to get their learner’s permit will need to take the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE.) If you’re looking for the best possible place to meet this Drivers Ed requirement, keep the following criteria in mind.

Make Sure It’s State Approved

Nothing is worse than doing something, and then later finding out you wasted your time. There’s no telling how many websites will lure you to believe that you’re signing up to take the TLSAE course, only to pull a bait-and-switch on you. If the course isn’t state-approved, then you’ve just successfully thrown away several hours of your life as well as the money it cost to take the course. Now, the person running the course is probably gleefully counting the cash, throwing their head back and laughing in an evil way. They’re also probably kicking puppies for fun. You can’t change them — you can only change where you take the class in the first place!


Taking an online course means that you can learn all about substance abuse from the comfort of your own underwear (ahem, room.) You’ll find out that drinking and driving isn’t the smartest idea of all time without ever having to leave the house. Online courses also typically allow the option to take the test however you like. This means that if you can’t sit down for the full 4 hours, you can take breaks and come back to it whenever you want. All you need to have is an internet connection to pick back up wherever you happened to leave off, which means you can conceivably finish up the course while you’re waiting for your next ride. What better motivation to finish up the course than the frustration of having to be on someone else’s schedule?


You can also choose to take the TLSAE in a traditional classroom if you like, though it’s certainly going to be a lot more rigid than an online course. The benefits are that you have a chance to ask questions face-to-face and that it will all be over in just 4 hours. This course isn’t exactly rocket science, but you’ll cover a lot more ground than a simple instruction to ‘just say no.’ From blood-alcohol percentages to consent laws in Florida, there will be at least a few tricky questions on the test. Taking the test in a classroom may help you concentrate a bit more so that you’re sure you get everything right. offers state-approved online TLSAE classes for new drivers who don’t take themselves too seriously. We’ll let you know all the facts you need to pass the test, but we do so in a way that won’t bore you to tears. When it comes to driving, there’s no reason to terrify you. Our courses are designed to instill confidence in you before you even get on the road. Consider us if you’re looking for something that’s as entertaining as it is legitimate.