Intrinsic Motivators to Drive Innovative Ideas in Your Workplace

Organizations the world over are starting to understand how important it is for them to embrace innovation, and to encourage staff members, customers, and other stakeholders to share ideas. This can be achieved through the proper implementation of innovation software. To get the most out of this, however, you need to understand the different motivators people have to participate in idea generation. One of those motivators is known as “intrinsic motivation”.

Intrinsic Motivations

A lot of businesses believe that rewarding employees is the only way to get people to do anything. While there is certainly a place for rewarding of this nature, you also have to think about motivators. Intrinsic motivation is about being recognized for a job well done. This means it provides people with instant gratification, simply by having their contributions acknowledged.

Through an intrinsic reward, your staff members can receive a pat on the back for everything that they have done. This makes them feel as if they have really made a difference, and they will be engaged in your company to the point that they understand how important their role is. A good organization is one that employees truly feel a part of, and not one where people go to simply to complete a number of tasks and get paid for it at the end of the day. If you want your staff to become productive, they must invest in your company, and they will only do this if they feel they have something to gain by it.

Basically, when you work on intrinsic motivators, people become self-motivated – they want to continue to do well and move the organization further forward. By providing them with recognition, they feel as if they are improving and growing together with the company, and this will encourage them to do more. This is the heart of employee engagement: self-motivated people drive themselves forward, and inspire others to do the same. They are dedicated and want to work hard, as they know this will help them progress.

Intrinsic Motivation Ideas

  • A tried and trusted method is that of the “employee of the month”. What this does is give publicity to someone who has worked very hard. This helps them be recognized by management, but also by everybody else in the company.
  • Acknowledging someone’s contributions during a meeting with minutes.
  • Putting notices up in elements of the business they have contributed to.

External and intrinsic motivators are both incredibly important, and a truly innovative business will build on both of those. But what matters most is that you develop some sort of way to ensure your employees know that the work that they do makes a real difference and that it is important. This can – and should – be added as standard to your innovation management software as well, having lists of top contributors, or people with the best ideas, for instance. The more you do this, the more engaged your employees will be, the harder they will work, the more profits you will make.