Joshua Manocherian – Awesome Careers That Can Be Combined With Travel

In todays world there are more and more people traveling the World and working as they do so. When I mention traveling, I am of course talking about actively globetrotting rather than just those taking a two week break in the summer to a sunny beach. We live in a far smaller world than ever before and within it there are many people who are able to make money as they travel. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has a skill which can make them money that does not require them to be stuck in an office all week long. Let’s have a look at some of the careers which allow people to travel the World.


Some of the finest photographers in the World are traveling from country to country taking some of the most incredible nature shots, photographs of various cultures around the World and capturing some important events. My buddy Joshua Manocherian is an ex-professional photographer and during his career he was able to travel to a vast array of different countries, making money as he went. There are lots of ways in which photographers can make money as they travel from selling prints to starting blogs and more and more travelers are using their photography skills as a way of earning.


Many people with a gift for writing are using their skills as a way to earn money on the road. The beauty of writing is that you do not need to be in a particular place or location in order to work. There are journalists, bloggers, authors and freelance writers who are making a great living from traveling the World and using the money which they make to travel even more. Because of modern technology, most writers simply need a laptop and an internet connection in order to make money and this allows them to freely roam the globe.


Medicine is much the same in every country in the World and there is always a need for more professionals in every nation. Those who have skills and qualifications when it comes to medicine can turn this into a great way of seeing more of this incredible planet which we live on. Becoming a nurse practitioner is a great step to take if you want to experience the wide range of ways in which medical professionals can travel the globe. Some can take up volunteering positions in some of the toughest countries in the World and others are able to tour from hospital to hospital importing their knowledge on others, and seeing new places in the process.”.

Bar Work

Some jobs have skills which can be transferred to any position in the World and one of those professions is bar work. Many people who know their way around a bar can find work in any of the World’s four corners and there are literally thousands of people who are traveling the World, meeting new people and using their ability behind a bar to make a living as they go.