Looking For a Career in Finance? Here Are Some Great Options

Careers in finance are a very popular choice for many who are just starting out in the world of work. College submissions for financial courses are at an all time high and it has never been a better time for you to get involved in the financial machine.

There are of course many specializations within the financial sector but many of the core skills that are required are the same, excellent numeracy skills, a passion for finance and an understanding of the global and domestic economy are essential. If you tick these boxes and want to pursue a career in finance then here are some great choices for you to consider.


Banks and financial services have used auditors to check their due diligence for years but since the financial crisis of 2008 that was largely caused through financial malpractice, more and more auditor positions have been created. If you have a passion for finance and an eye for detail then this could be the perfect position for you. Within your role you will be required to pore over huge amounts of information searching for errors, strange patterns or discrepancies in the way in which business is being done in banks and financial institutions.

Financial Advisor

Working with multi-billion dollars enterprises and everyday people, your role as a financial planner will be to advise people on how best they should spend, save and invest their money. You could work for a large company like Merrill Lynch or Springer financial advisors or alternatively you could go out on your own and find your own clients to work with. In this job you will be judged very much on the decisions that you make and the success of the advice that you give so you will need to know what you are talking about and have the confidence to see it through.


Many business owners can be pretty clueless when it comes to financial management and many of them will look to the services of an accountant to look after their balance sheet and ensure that they are making sensible financial decisions. To achieve this role you will need to pass your accounting exams and have a great understanding of business accounts, forms of expenditure, tax awareness and great analysis skills. Accountants can earn well but this is by no means a guarantee and if you want the big bucks then you will need to prove your worth.

Bank Teller

If you love people and have a passion for finance then a bank teller is a great place to start, you will be responsible for a bank’s customer service and you will be able to spend you days dealing with small financial matters for the customers. Banks love to push the careers of talented bank tellers and if you want to climb the ladder then this is the job for you. Starting at the bottom like this is still a very respectable decision and if you do the job well then you can be noticed by management and pushed on to the ladder to success with the bank.