Peter Benedict St Andrews – What Tools do You Need to be a Great Teacher

There is a big difference between being a teacher and being a great teacher and today we are going to take a look in to what tools you will need if you wish to be a great teacher who connects with learners and helps to make them more knowledgeable.

Teaching is a truly noble and rewarding profession which gives people the ability to directly influence the generations of the future. It is for this reason that teachers should have a level of greatness attached to what they do and we spoke to Peter Benedict St Andrews head master to find out what it is that sets the great apart form the rest when it comes to teaching.


One of the keys to being a great teacher is to possess a comprehensive amount of knowledge about the subject it is that you are teaching. It goes without saying that anyone who teaches a particular subject is doing so because they are knowledgable in that field but the really great teachers have encyclopedic knowledge about what it is that they are teaching. Not only does this level of knowledge help to better teach students and pupils but it also commands more respect from students and enables the teacher to teach in a variety of different ways, safe in the knowledge that they know the subject matter inside out.


The very best teachers know how to keep discipline in the classroom, they can set out the rules and enforce them with consistency. Many teachers spend their days battling to keep their pupils under control and this takes time away from doing what they should be which is educating. The very best teachers understand what makes their students tick and can create a level of discipline around this, enabling them to spend time on education rather than constantly fighting for behavior in the classroom.


A great teacher understands their students and knows how best to help them from both an educational and a life point of view. Students can struggle at times with problems both inside and outside of the school and a great teacher has the ability to post this and ensure that their door is always open for anyone who is having difficulties.


The great teacher are not the monotone performers at the front of the classroom, they are not the ones who shout all the time and they are not the ones who simply hand out text books. The very best teachers are the ones who know how to inject a little fun into proceedings as well as knowing when is the right tie to do so. Pupils are not robots who are being fed information and in order to help them learn best they ought to be relaxed. Adding some fun into the way you teach is one of the key areas that sets the good teachers apart from the great ones.