Petroleum Wholesale: who are they, and what do they do?

If you are new to retail investing, you may have run across a company recently called Petroleum Wholesale. This name by itself does not tell a person much about what this company is about, or what they do on a daily basis.

To aid you in your evaluation of this company, we will go into detail on who Petroleum Wholesale is, as well as the contribution they make to the business community, in the paragraphs below.

Operating transportation service centers from Nevada to Louisiana

In brief, Petroleum Wholesale operates service stations and plazas across nine states in the South, Southwest and in the American Rockies. It operates through a franchising system that has individual owners operate branded gas stations and retail food outlets under the name Sunmart across its territory.

While its primary business is in the area of petroleum delivery, it has recently expanded to the development of fast food outlets in states like Utah, and they are also in the process of rolling out a retail concept known as Main Street Market.

With the first of these locations having opened in Midland, Texas in August of 2015, company officials are hopeful that this endeavor will be a success.

It aims to combine basic groceries with hardware and other items such as premium cigars in a one-stop shopping environment; pending positive results from the pilot project, it is expected that more of these developments will be coming to Sunmart locations in the years to come.

Providing all the services the traveling public needs to keep on trucking

Strategically located along major transportation corridors in the Western United States, the service stations that Petroleum Wholesale operates boasts all the provisions necessary to keep truckers and vacationers alike on the road.

Its pumps contain every blend of fuel that most cars and trucks run on, with special blends for semi-trucks that are transporting goods across the western United States.

Inside, its retail environment contains all the convenience store snacks that one would expect, with some service centers containing fast food outlets such as Subway or Steak and Shake.

As mentioned above, the Main Street Market concept is slowly being rolled out, which provides a wide range of retail goods that are designed to make one’s traveling experience richer then one would expect from a humble travel plaza.

Specializing in petroleum delivery solutions since 1973

While Petroleum Wholesale has been in the business of delivering gasoline and other petroleum products to the traveling public since 1973, it is also involved in a number of other businesses related to petroleum delivery solutions.

In remote areas of the country, it operates cardlock stations that allow members to draw gasoline when the station is not occupied by employees.

To save money within its own business network, Petroleum Wholesale also has its own fleet of trucks that pick up its own fuel from the rack at refineries, and delivers it straight to its own service stations.

They also make deliveries to gas stations not within their network, as well as government agencies, school districts, and other businesses that require a stockpile of motor fuel in order to function properly.