PPC Management Mistakes Beginners Make

PPC management can be really effective for almost all companies that run online marketing campaigns. These will increase sales and can improve brand reputation. However, the problem is that PPC management is so much more complicated than what it seems. The most reputable companies out there will actually charge a percentage of the money you invest in the pay per click campaigns because of the fact that it is so difficult to bring in the great results you want.

Because of how complex PPC management is, it should come as no surprise to notice that people from all around the world invest money and do not end up making the profits that they expected. This happens because of so many reasons but it is the mistakes mentioned below that normally cost the companies the most money on the long run. Make sure that you avoid these mistakes, especially if you are a beginner in pay per click marketing and management.

Managing Only A Few Keywords At A Time

The most successful PPC managers out there are going to constantly adapt and test new keywords. It is really important that you do not focus on just those that are obvious. For instance, if you buy the keyword “buy Nike shoes”, the results will most likely not be as great as with “buy Nike shoes in Bulgaria”. You want to be sure that you narrow it down to exactly what the interested shoppers are looking for. This can only happen when you monitor and manage dozens of different keywords for the same project.

Not Adapting The Copy To The Results

Smart PPC managers are going to use many different copies for only one keyword. You may think that this is not possible since you have a limited amount of words that can be used in the ad copy with services like AdWords but even one word can make a world of difference, increasing or decreasing conversion rates in a dramatic way. Make sure that you try different tweaks and that you do think about modifications that can be tried on a constant basis. You never know what “recipe” is going to work best without testing being done.

Investing Too Much Money At Once

This is a problem that the beginners almost always make in the beginning. It is so easy to end up investing a large part of the budget into a PPC campaign that should work. As already mentioned, you do not really know if there will be results if you do not test first. Testing should be done with a limited amount of the budget that is available. Think about the budget that you have and set a small budget aside for initial testing. Then, if the results are good, keep investing.

Keep in mind that results can easily change from one day to the next. Do keep your eyes on absolutely all the campaigns so that you are guaranteed that really good results will appear. Never focus on work that would be done without having some sort of PPC management monitoring system in place.