Real Musicians Are Made Through Education not Talent Alone

If you enjoy programs like the X-Factor and the Voice, dreaming that you could be the one on stage, then there is hope out there for you. That hope does not come in the form of a chance discovery while busking on a street corner. Rather, it comes in you taking control over your own life. Consider music business degree industry programs to get started. This is the best way to head towards a lucrative career within the music industry.

The reason why you should consider music business, rather than studying a single instrument, is because you will have far more transferable skills with a business degree. It is unlikely that you don’t already know how to play an instrument quite well, and that you don’t already have some talent, if you are interested in studying music. By going for music business, you can improve on some of the skills you already have, while at the same time obtaining vital leadership skills.

If you are desperate to also have a chance at a career as a recording and performing artist, you can take classes in different instruments as part of your curriculum. It is up to you to decide whether to do that or not and, if you do, which instrument to focus on.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The only way to become good at anything, be that an instrument or a full business study, is to practice. In fact, that is what your curriculum should offer you: theoretical knowledge and the chance to apply that practically, which is your practice session. Those practice sessions should become increasingly challenging, up to a full internship somewhere towards the end of your degree program.

Lessons Matter

People often don’t like to sit in on lessons. It feels a little bit like listening to a monologue about something you think you already know anyway. This is why it is so important that you investigate the schools you want to consider for your degree program, so that you find out how their lessons are organized. Considering you want to study business, and particularly music business, these classes should be interactive, based on discussion and debate, and they should be solutions-orientated.


Finance, unfortunately, is very important. Going to college costs a lot of money and most people only get one chance to do it, if they get as much as that at all. This is why it is so important that you choose a school that is right for your needs. You simply won’t have the opportunity to start over. That being said, the cost of the degree program should not be the main deciding factor in terms of whether or not you enroll there. Student finance, grants, and scholarships are available.

With the above information, you should have a greater understanding of why a music business degree program is so beneficial for you should you want to enter the world of music. Even if you want to be a performing artist, studying the business element of this industry will make it more likely for you to obtain a career.