Safely Consolidating Expenses In Aircraft Maintenance

Saving Money Without Compromising Safety

One of the most important principles of profitable business operations involves making more on the front end than back-end maintenance costs. You’re in the red, it means it’s more expensive to maintain your operations at a base level than the influx of cash which comes from normal operations.


Because of this, entrepreneurs are always looking for areas where they can cut expenses on the maintenance and production side of things. But when cutting costs, take note of integral operational processes that will likely cause safety hazards if recklessly modified or removed.


When it comes to aircraft and their proper maintenance, you can’t cut corners. But just because you can’t cut corners doesn’t mean you should pay for an engine with ruby-studded components. It’s likewise possible to retain trustworthy functionality that lasts over time and passes annual inspections without breaking the bank.


Especially if you are a small business with a tiny fleet of aircraft, such measures make sense. There are many areas where a group of half a dozen planes represent a sightseeing operation, or a public safety solution. For the former, cost-effective maintenance is integral to ensuring profit. For the latter, it’s integral to ensuring safety that isn’t a financial burden.


Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

Truth is, there are many components which don’t require factory-fresh solutions. Aircraft components sourced as rebuilt or overhauled parts represent actionable and cost-effective solutions to fleet maintenance.


As a matter of fact, sometimes this can be the wiser choice, as expert certified-safe overhauled parts are often going to be less likely to exhibit statistically minor defects unnoticeable until operation. All you need is an alternator to go haywire at 8,000 feet to feel the crunch of this. Many aircraft have the ability to glide, but truthfully, there’s a definite time limit.


Losing all power due to a bad alternator could be ultimately deadly, if there isn’t a flat enough area for landing nearby. With expert certified-safe overhauled parts, this is less likely to happen as concerted, direct effort has been put into ensuring their functionality. This is in addition to being more affordable.


According to, overhauled aircraft alternators from Hartzell: “…are engineered specifically to meet the challenges and increased demands of today’s aircraft electrical systems.” This means sourcing from a provider like this will assure you acquire cost-effective, dependable alternator solutions while preserving your budget.


Multiple Applications

The more savings you can bring to the table when it comes to necessary maintenance and upkeep, the greater your business’ potential for expansion. But this must be done safely as there’s a limit at which cutting-costs will cost you more. That said, as your business expands, you will naturally be able to afford more top-tier solutions.


Aviation is an increasingly integral quotient of modern society, and that trend does not seem to be decreasing. As a matter of fact, aviation represents one of the most technologically cutting-edge fields of advancement that currently exists. This has several implications.



Firstly, developments that were once costly will steadily become more affordable. Secondly, the use of flight will continue to become a more necessary component of modern society even while it continues to increase in affordability. These things imply that smart business practice conducted now will yield big returns later.


Lastly, these strategies are equally applicable to the private pilot looking merely to keep his or her aircraft at peak efficiency. Overhauled parts definitely have advantages.