The Five Lesser-Known Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle tracking systems have become more and more popular, and there are some very good reasons for this. The first – and probably most cited – reason is that managers aim to avoid problematic situations such as heavy traffic or road problems. This reason should actually be enough to adopt a vehicle traffic system; after all, it could save a lot of problems in terms of time (driver fees) and money (fuel efficiency). However, there are many more advantages to be gained from applying such a system. Ever wonder what they are? Here are the five lesser-known benefits of vehicle tracking systems.

Fuel reduction

Fuel is a necessary evil – it’s necessary because no vehicle can move without it, and it’s evil because it tends to cost a lot of money. If there is any way to reduce it and still do a proper job, then that would mean more savings for the company. GPS can help save fuel because it provides the right data to plan more efficient routes, avoid traffic jams, and so on. It also helps management with cash flow in that the data provided can help forecast fuel consumption and allowances.

Manager supervision

Drivers don’t like to think about it, but a vehicle with a vehicle tracking system is like having a vehicle whereby the manager is in the back seat whenever he or she would like to be in it. It gives the manager eyes on important data in real-time, such as speed at any given moment, routes that are taken, driver behaviour, and so on. It therefore allows them to adjust or correct anything that goes wrong in real-time.

Improving driving behaviour

Research suggests that when people understand they are being monitored, they are less likely to do the wrong thing – and hence the driver is more likely to be on their best behaviour. This can avoid many accidents, avoid many costs and, more importantly, save lives.

Predicting trends

Real-time information can help you predict trends in traffic – especially important if you have large fleets.

Safety for all

Advanced monitoring programmes can be used to improve driver behaviour, which can improve the safety of all concerned.

And here’s another advantage – a bonus, if you will: not only will you be able to take advantage of all the benefits described above, you’re also secure in the knowledge that vehicle theft is much less likely to happen (or if it happens, the resolution – finding the vehicle and holding those responsible accountable – is much more likely to be obtainable). There was a time when CCTV or a tracking system were only for stationary objects (such as buildings), but times have changed. Technology has allowed us to track vehicles, and the advantages are simply too numerous to mention.

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