The Unique Buyer Attributes Implemented at Sun Capital Partners by Its Co-CEO

Sun Capital Partners, Inc. is one of the world’s biggest private equity firms. They take a unique approach by always looking for companies that have an untapped potential. When they find one, they leverage financial and operational resources, using this to drive the companies forward and create real results. Under the leadership of co-founder and co-CEO Mark Leder, the company has grown over the past 22 years from a small startup to a company that is trusted around the globe for its expertise in a huge variety of sectors.

What Makes Sun Capital Partners, Inc. Unique?

There are a number of things that Sun Capital stands for, which make it unique and different from all other similar companies. This includes:

  1. They have extensive experience. While set up by two college friends and Lehman Brother colleagues, one of whom is Mark Leder, they are now comprised of a huge team of operational and investment professionals. As a team, they have the resources, skills, and knowledge to transform results by analyzing the market and building progress.
  2. The have operating expertise. The executive team and senior managers work together hand in hand to ensure all the work that they do drives the greatest possible results.
  3. The offer certainty of closing. Uniquely, Sun Capital Partners does not include any financing contingencies to their plans. Rather, when a company is affiliated with them, they can find bridge finance for the full purchase price once the deal closes.
  4. They offer expediency. The team at Sun Capital Partners is incredibly proud of their short average time of closing transactions, which currently stands at just 30 days. Few other companies can deliver these types of results in such a short period of time.
  5. They offer flexibility. Because they work mainly with distressed companies, they understand that they are in a very difficult position. Hence, they will always offer contract terms that are very friendly to the seller. This also avoids lengthy periods of negotiation. This is true for everything that they do, including cash infusions for liquidity, bonds and/or other securities, bank debt, assets, and stock acquisitions.

Investment banking and private equity are two highly complex fields of work. When Mark Leder finished his degree, a BS in Economics, he knew that this was where the money was, however. He took on his first job with the Lehman Brothers, where a unique approach to handling capital was offered. Rather than advising clients on where to invest their money, the Lehman Brothers were given free rein on what to do with the money. Leder fitted in to this concept very well, which is how he was able to grow from analyst to Senior Vice President within nine years. However, this also left him, on paper, with little to no experience in private equity. Rather than allowing this to hold him back, however, he took a risk and started Sun Capital Partners. The rest, as they say, is history.