Why basketball is such a great hobby

These days, it seems that everybody is finding time to play basketball. Even real estate rock star Blake Rubin can’t get enough of this game, as his social media posts frequently reference this sport.

Why is basketball such a great hobby? We will break down the reasons in the paragraphs below.

1) It is affordable and accessible to all

There are many sports these days that have significant barriers to participation. Games like hockey and golf are expensive, as the former requires tons of pricey gear, and the latter has green fees to pay, plus you need to track down people in order to even participate.

In the case of basketball, all you need are a good pair of shoes and a ball, and there are many pick up games that you can join in your community.

Even if you can’t find anybody to play with, you can still work on your skills by shooting tons of baskets on your own. Doing this will keep you sharp for when you do find a regular game.

2) Skills are easy to learn

The skills needed to play basketball are easily learned by newcomers to the game. Can you bounce a ball? Can you walk down the court while doing that?

If you can do these two things, you don’t even have to be that great at shooting to start playing. With a bit of practice, you can become a reasonable shooter in time.

Furthermore, defensive skills are easily teachable, as cutting off passing and shooting lanes requires spatial awareness that will only get better the more you play.

3) The rules are simple

Unlike some sports, which have a rule book so thick that you could hurt a person by hitting them with it, basketball is a relatively simple game.

You shoot a ball at a hoop: if you do it up close, you get two points. If you do it from outside the line, you get three points.

When you dribble the ball down the court, keep going until you are ready to pass or shoot. If you carry the ball rather than dribbling, you will be called for traveling. If you stop dribbling and then start again, you’ll be called for double dribbling.

Basketball is not a physical contact sport; avoid hitting or checking players, and you will avoid foul trouble.

By keeping in mind these simple pointers, you will avoid the problems that many newcomers experience when starting out in this sport.

4) It is easy to find a game on TV

Part of the fun of basketball is watching the professionals play the game. You can usually find a game on between November and June on numerous sports channels.

Apart from being your new favorite form of entertainment, these games will allow you to examine how the best players in the world approach offensive and defensive situations.

Take notes on what they do, as you can bring what you learn to the court the next day. Doing this will help you to grow as a player, so be sure to pay attention.