3 Best small business ideas to make money during the FIFA World Cup 2018

Yet another World Cup is approaching and the football connoisseurs and fans are all excited about it. During such a time when the whole world is basking in the glory of FIFA 2018, there are some smart entrepreneurs who are thinking of lucrative ways of making money during the World Cup season. They are all busy brainstorming for profitable ideas on how they can earn money from the competition and consider it as a passive source of income.

Regardless of whether you reside in the host country or you’re traveling to the country to get a glimpse of the action, there are several opportunities for earning money during the World Cup. If you’re wondering where to watch the World Cup online live, you can simply watch it from your drawing room in case you couldn’t manage the tickets to the game. Here are some business ideas which you can utilize in order to make money during FIFA World Cup 2018.

#1: Try setting up a private accomodation

In case you’re lucky enough to reside in the host country, that too close to any of the venues of the match, you can easily earn money by opening a motel or a bed-breakfast lodge for the soccer fans who keep visiting the country from near and far. You will find several of them settling down with you irrespective of how mediocre it is as the standard hotels won’t have any available slots. So, do you have any spare rooms or extra rooms lying unused in your house? If answered yes, you can turn them to money-spinners till the time the FIFA World Cup lasts.

#2: Resell collectible goods

This can be yet another lucrative idea both for the visitors and the natives. Did you know you could earn huge profits by selling off World Cup coins and stamps? You can also sell off soccer jerseys, schedules of matches and various other things which the football freaks love to use. For instance, during the World Cup 2010 which was held in South Africa, there were hundreds of visitors who bought this Vuvuzela which was a local flute which was capable of making loud noise, often times which is very irritating. You can sell them off in order to make a passive source of income.

#3: Sell snacks and foods

Besides watching live football match, fans would definitely get a good feeling of the food experience within the host country. In case you’ve also got superb culinary skills, you can start making dollars by kickstarting a mini restaurant which caters to the needs and requirements of soccer fans during FIFA World Cup 2018. Something that is even better is that you can design snacks for the World Cup or even buy them in bulk form and later on sell them off to the hungry fans who at least require something to munch off during and after the matches.

Therefore, if you’ve been wondering about the ways in which you can make quick and easy money during the FIFA World Cup 2018, take into account the above mentioned points and ideas. Choose the one which best suits your convenience and skill and begin to excel in it. You may even sell off flags during the soccer match. There are many who buy flags right in front of the stadium and you can even earn a fortune by selling off flags of various countries.