5 Things Female Entrepreneurs Are Doing in 2020

In 2020, a phrase we hear often is “The Future is Female.” But that future starts with us women right now, during the year that marks the100-year anniversary of the women’s suffrage. Female-owned businesses are on the rise, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still obstacles that female entrepreneurs face on their journey to become a successful business owner.

We’ve put together a list of the top five things that female entrepreneurs are doing in 2020 because we all deserve to feel like Wonder Woman sometimes.

1. Networking is key.

If a woman with an idea presents said idea with confidence enough times, eventually she will get the funding or resources to bring this dream to fruition. Be that woman with the business card in her wallet, and actually hand that business card out when the opportunity presents itself. Speak up in conversations that are otherwise dominated by your male counterparts, and steer the conversation a poise and confidence.

Forbes recommends that female business owners join women’s networking groups to learn from other female entrepreneurs, give advice to those who are just starting out in the business world, and grow a strong support system. Television and dramatic movies often show female business owners pitted against each other in a race to prove their prowess, when in reality having a strong network of female entrepreneurs behind you actually helps you grow together instead of against each other.

2. Dress the part.

Networking is key, sure. But confidence is also key — and looking the part whether you’ve been in the business for a while or are just starting out is a great way to boost your confidence and let people know that you’re someone who should not be taken lightly.

What you wear day to day will obviously depend on your type of work as well as your role in your business once it’s up in running. But there are few basics every female entrepreneur should have in her closet for meetings, pitches, interviews, mixers, and other important events:

  1. A Blazer: Blazers, like this women’s black blazer jacket, are a super-versatile staple in any businesswoman’s wardrobe. You can dress it up enough for a professional presentation, or down enough for brunch with your girls on the weekend.
  2. Skirts: Skirts are another versatile item. Whether you’re into the pencil skirt and matching blazer, or you’re more of a wool-skirt-over-black-tights gal, having a few skirts in your wardrobe will help you look and feel confident when you need it most.
  3. Pantsuits: If you’re not into skirts, a nice pantsuit is definitely something to keep on hand—especially in meetings where you’ll want to command attention and feel like the boss lady you know you are.
  4. Blouses: Wearing a simple blouse is a way to feel comfortable in an office environment or while out to work with colleagues, but it’s also easy enough to dress up with a jacket or blazer for special occasions. Try out different fabrics and patterns and find what works best for you.
3. Commit to it.

The road will be hard. If being an entrepreneur was easy, everyone would do it. Commit yourself to a life of curveballs, putting yourself out there, and learning new things. Evaluate your progress, change what needs to be changed, and stick to your goals. No one will be more helpful, or more grateful, than yourself.

4. Keep track of your taxes.

Regardless of if you’re doing your own taxes come tax season, or you’re hiring an accountant to do it for you, make sure you have a tax folder. Keep track of your tax returns, all tax-related papers, and any other pertinent information to make sure that you are prepared when the time comes. Some people prefer to keep hard copies in tax return folders or an envelope, while others prefer to store their information in their tax account online. However you do it, make sure it’s secure with your email address and a strong password.

5. Stay true to yourself.

When building a business from the ground up, it’s easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself along the way. There will be successes. There will be victories. Some days you’ll feel defeated, but one day you’ll get your big chance. Seeing the final results of your work will be worth the bumps along the way.

You’ve got this. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise.