5 Tips For Making Your Serviced Office As Productive As Possible

Through the serviced office, your business benefits in terms of leasing office space at a much-reduced price. These offices are typically centrally-located, in affluent areas that would normally be inaccessible because of the price. In Australia’s urban centres, where rents can be extremely expensive, the serviced office has levelled the playing field making it possible for start-ups and SMEs to have the same access to resources as larger corporations.


With most of the work of moving in completed for you, your office in Melbourne or Sydney can be the platform for business growth. Not only does your serviced office in any one of Australia’s prestigious business districts project an impressive image to the public, but it is a place where much work can be completed. Serviced offices, for the most part, can have an important role in how much work can be done on a daily basis in a number of ways.

Keep reading to learn a few ways to maximise productivity and get the most out of your serviced office.


Take Advantage Of Office Organisation


An office that is cluttered and in disarray is one that does not engender productivity. With your serviced office, you can pretty much guarantee the tools you need to work will be in place by the time you relocate. Many serviced offices come with the requisite office furnishings, but they also come with amenities that can make it easier to be productive.


These amenities include support staff that can help you with tasks like taking phone calls or assisting tenants with IT services. In some cases, staff members are bilingual and can be of assistance with international business. Then, there is the access to world-class meeting and conference rooms, which all have smart technologies. Essentially, the office can be the platform that sets the stage for productivity.


Set The Mood


The colour and lighting in a space can affect the way you and your employees feel about the atmosphere. Loud, abrasive colours on walls can be very distracting to people in the office. Lighting that is too bright or dimly lit spaces can make it difficult to work.


One way to avoid distracting your employees is to use neutral colours, even pastels, to soften the effect of colour on the room. Rooms that have a lot of natural light can be toned down with darker neutral colours, and those rooms that have little light should have brighter tones. In essence, by removing even the smallest distractions, your employees are primed to work.


Use Technology


Technology can be the difference between an inefficient office and an efficient one. When setting up your office, make sure your devices are not only compatible with one another, but also make sure they are installed with the latest software. For instance, bookkeeping software that allows you to send invoices, track sales, list ageing history and a number of tasks can make record-keeping simple.


Streamline Your Tasks


If you can find a way to streamline many of the tasks related to keeping track of business, again, this is one way to make your office run more efficiently. Automated bookkeeping programs that provide a number of functions like syncing bank account information and automating tasks streamline much of the accounting. Again, this software can make accounting and bookkeeping effortless.


Use Activity-Based Working


Finally, use the office space to build teams for particular projects. By delegating work and having your employees participate in activity-based work, you can get them to relate to each other, and work does not seem so much like work. Instead, work can be engaging.


Priming The Pump Of Productivity


Essentially, your serviced office with all of these tools can be the foundation for working productively. With the ability to use technology that can help streamline much of the office functions, you can find the serviced office a place to get much work completed. Furthermore, that productivity can translate into business growth.