5 Tips for More Fuel Efficient Driving

Becoming a better driver is one thing, but becoming a more fuel efficient driver is another thing altogether. When it comes to driving more efficiently, there are a few techniques that can save you money on gas and trips to the gas station. If you have an older or classic car, you may need to learn some of these techniques, because old cars can often be gas guzzlers. In some cases, introducing some of these techniques to your daily commute can save up to 25% of fuel – that is daily fuel consumption. That 25% can equate to more cash savings and a smaller carbon footprint. Here are five tips for more fuel efficient driving.

  1. Fuel Efficient DrivingDon’t slam your foot on the gas pedal. Doing this can waste a tremendous amount of gas. It is recommended to wait a few seconds and slowly push on the gas pedal if you want to accelerate. When you slam your foot on the gas, you can flood the engine, which can cause an enormous amount of gas to get burned for no reason. Not to mention, developing this habit can also result in putting more carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  2. Also, keep an even keel when you are driving. Taking your foot on and off the the gas pedal can result in an overconsumption of fuel. Some people develop this driving habit early on. You could characterize this habit as a ‘stop and go’ driving style that is mainly done when you are driving in a city or a town – you may also do it when driving on the freeway. However, driving like this can have the same results as slamming on the gas pedal: you can waste gas and you can increase your carbon footprint.
  3. Plan your routes accordingly. Just like you found the bestĀ Florida car & auto title loans, you should also use your research and sleuthing powers to map out the best driving route. When it comes to more fuel efficient driving, having your route planned out – with not that many stops -can effectively save gas and time. Not to mention, planning out your route is also safer, because you are more aware of the road conditions. When it comes to being a more efficient driver, preparedness can go a long way.
  4. Coast as much as possible. If you can, avoid hitting the brakes too abruptly when you come to a stop. The smoother you roll to a stop, the more efficient your vehicle will be. Not only that, but slamming on your brakes can cause a ripple effect on your car. Not only can slamming on your brakes put pressure on your breaks, but also your tires. So, be sure to glide to a stop – gracefulness is everything when you are trying to be a more efficient driver.
  5. Try not to speed. Speeding can result in not only a greater risk for collisions, but also lower fuel efficiency. When you put the pedal to the metal and try to break speed records on the freeway, it can literally start to guzzle gas. So, be sure to go with the flow of traffic and drive defensively – you will no doubt be safer and more efficient.