Choose the most stylish yet comfortable office furniture – Styling tips for your office

We might hate to admit it but we do spend most of our time our offices. Many amongst us often silently suffer due to an office environment which is not properly designed and we adjust with whatever we can afford. However, when you are finally ready to move out of your home office and shift to a small and fancy office space you’ll need to redesign.

During a phase of growth, choosing an appropriate office space is one of the most vital decisions you will make. However, the pains of growing don’t stop there as apart from choosing a space to set up your office, you also need to choose the most stylish yet comfortable office furniture which includes office chairs, tables and various other items. Check out our few steps to invest in high quality furniture.

Practicality should be preferred over aesthetics

You might love to choose office furniture but you shouldn’t forget to keep reminding yourself that you should first focus on practicality and then on aesthetics. Although both are vital, functional furniture will certainly go a long way. Before you choose your desk, ask yourself whether it has got enough storage area for files or whether it can accommodate different objects or whether it has got ample space for you t sit comfortably. Should you opt for a standing desk or a regular one? Can you easily maintain the furniture that you have bought?

Take into account the size of furniture and your office layout

Don’t ever buy a desk on looks alone, get that measuring tape ready. Ask yourself, will it look good with the layout of your office? Will there be enough space for drawers and cabinets? Will you be able to roam around the table comfortably? Will the furniture block the emergency path? There are several questions to which you have to get the right answers in order to choose the right furniture.

Watch out for value for money

When you start off with your new office space, it is easy to assume that you’re cash-strapped. This is when you’re tempted to say ‘yes’ to any type of furniture that you come across. But hey, don’t hurry. Most often, it isn’t about cost but about value, consider the length of time you will use it and what it will be used for. Generally speaking you will spend most time in your office chair so this is worth paying a little extra for, whereas those filing cabinets that hold paperwork need to be aesthetically pleasing and lockable, therefore paying extra isn’t essential.

Concentrate on ergonomics

Furniture that has a great look but poor ergonomics will have no value. You must have come across several office chairs which hurt your back. If you don’t want to leave office with a back pain, invest in ergonomics which don’t hurt. This will also boost your productivity.

Now that you know the steps that you have to take in order to choose better office furniture, what are you waiting for?

Some inspiration?

We’ve got that for you too. Here are some office floorplans straight from TV and cinema that will provide you with some great inspiration for your office design.

Try open plan with Fifty Shades, this is a minimalist design with plenty of space. Great for those of high power and in authority positions.

For the creatives you will need plenty of seating like this office space from Suits. The use of several sections will allow for many people within one space to collaborate and bounce around some ideas.

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