Has working from home changed the landscape of business forever?

Working from home initially looked a daunting task for both employers and employees at the end of March when the lockdown was introduced due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. However, with us now coming to the end of this period, and many starting to go back into the workplace after nearly 5 months at home, we evaluate the time spent working at home and how its benefitted business.


[Image: CNBC.com]

At first, we think it was the general consensus that working from home wouldn’t work, we bosses not being able to keep an eye on staff and a lot of trust being put in the employees to convert on their daily work; something that many wouldn’t think would work. However, it has come out since lockdown that more than a third (37.5%) of business owners believe their company should consider moving fully remote after the Covid-19 pandemic – we believe if this was asked before the pandemic than the results would be much much lower, in the single figures if we had to predict.

We’ve seen few other success stories over the pandemic, with it mostly being a torrid time for health and business, however there has been other successes much like working from home. One industry that has benefitted has been the online casinos, in which have received a fresh trend of people surging onto their casinos as entertainment has been at a premium during the lockdown. Due to more potential consumers being at home, they have found themselves on casinos more often than usual explaining the trend which explains the Red Rose Casino reviews have been through the roof.

Furthermore, it’s not just the business owners that seem to have benefitted from their employees working from home, but also the staff themselves who have seen a rise in their mental health due to this. More than half of Britons (52%) revealed that their work-life balance has improved since the introduction of lockdown and working from home. This is not only down to the fact that they have felt more productive, but workers have also found more time to exercise, more time to invest in their diet and finally more time to ensure that they are getting that better work life balance as the survey describes. All of the above has ensured that employees are in a better frame of mind to complete their work in and subsequently impress bosses with their output.

[Image: The Telegraph]