How to be Healthy While At Work – 8 Quick Tips for Fast Results

Staying healthy at work can be tough, especially if you have a desk job or you’re very busy everyday and can’t find time to eat well. However, these quick fire tips can really help you stay healthy whatever it is you do. They’re easy, quick, and simple to add into your daily routine. Try one, two, or all of them!

Tip number 1)

Make up lunches the night before. You don’t always want to think about lunch when you’re tired in the evenings, but by doing so, you can control what you eat and don’t have to rely on the work canteen when you’re in a rush and have no other choice.

Tip number 2)

Look up recipes online. The internet is full of great recipe websites for healthy lunches and snacks at your desk. Look a few up and try them out at home. Healthy lunches don’t have to be boring – try microwave rice with peppers, corn, chicken, sour cream, avocado and crumble some nachos over the top!

Tip number 3)

Bring fruit to work. It’s so easy to grab a cookie at the petrol station rather than eating fruit, but fruit really is so good for you, and will keep you motivated throughout the day. Fruitful Office, the UK based office fruit delivery service, also state that fruit keeps your concentration levels up throughout the day. They recommend eating a banana for a snack because they, “contain energy-boosting natural sugars which keep the motor running during those long hours in the office.”

Tip number 4)

Get up and stretch. Wb MD provide 12 stretches that are easy to do at your desk. They say that by stretching properly, you can avoid aches and pains and spinal problems associated with desk work.

Tip number 5 )

Look into the distance. We don’t just mean imagining you’re on a faraway beach somewhere, although that can help too. By looking into the distance, away from your screen, every hour for five minutes, you can help reduce tension and strain on your eyes.

Tip number 6)

Get enough zzz’s. Don’t stay up too late on your phone or other electronic device; by getting enough sleep you’ll feel more alert at work and therefore reduce stress and anxiety. Try and sleep the same amount each night – don’t binge sleep on weekends as this can actually have the opposite effect and leave you feeling more tired at work.

Tip number 7)

Get others involved. Ask a colleague to go to the gym with you after work. By being with someone else, you’ll feel motivated and you can turn it into a social event.

Tip number 8)

Drink H20. Pay a visit to the office water dispenser and drink water regularly at your desk for instant healthy hydration. Avoid sugary coffees which only give you temporary boosts.