Proper communication is needed in every work environment to boost productivity and to enhance the connection among employees. The advent of a corporate newspaper has been a useful tool for proper communication with employees.


A Corporate newspaper is a newspaper print that focuses on business products and services. Further, it emphasizes the goals of a business, which results in exposure. The following are means of using corporate newspaper to communicate well with employees:

Consider it a tool to inform on happenings in various aspects of an organization:  Content of a corporate newspaper gives details of the people and activities in an organization. Therefore, employees can be brought closer with a corporate newspaper which reveals happenings in the organization’s various departments. A production manager can, for example, be informed about recent activities in the Human Resource department from reading the corporate newspaper.

It preserves memories: events in an organization can be documented through a corporate newspaper. Events documented, can be referred to for the purpose of communicating with employees. New employees can as well be informed of past events in the organization through a corporate newspaper.

A corporate newspaper can be used to communicate appreciation of employees: corporate newspaper can be used to appreciate the effort of employees, especially outstanding ones. To communicate an appreciation for the most punctual employee, for example, a column of the corporate newspaper can feature such employee and recognize his or her commitment. This can serve as a source of motivation as well.

Employees can be reminded of upcoming development in the organization: Internal circulars or memos can inform employees of upcoming developments in the organization. Reiterating this information can occur with the use of a corporate newspaper.

Good communication skill is an important attribute required by business owners, superiors, and employees. It is a base for success in the workplace. Aside from the use of a corporate newspaper, other means of communicating well with employees are as follows:
Pass clear message

To avoid confusing or misleading employees, pass clear message. Using practical illustrations and avoiding ambiguous words can make this possible.
Ease the environment of tension

Communication can be well carried out when the environment is void of tension. A tensed environment will build fear and likely lead to a lack of feedback from the employees.
Use humor

While communicating a subject, use humor to pass the message. Humor sets the tone for a relaxed environment. This eases tension and makes the environment more receptive. When using humor, it is important not to deviate from the seriousness of the subject at hand.
Be a good listener

As an employer or superior, it is necessary to have listening skills. Paying better attention to the contribution of an employee can remove hindrances to proper communication. Listening can also forestall conflict.
Provide a feedback process

Allow employees to channel their opinion about any subject matter to the management. Feedback helps to ascertain the depth of employees understanding. Employees can get clarity where need be, based on feedback.

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