Finished up your online masters in public administration and trying to land your ideal job in the government?  Government jobs have become very popular in today’s job market attracting job seekers across the globe.  Karol Taylor, Guide to America’s Federal Jobs, suggests the government has become an employer of choice due to the volatility of the economy.  As a result, more people are moving from private sector companies and pursuing federal government positions. Needless to say, there are many benefits in pursuing government employment jobs.  From pensions to compensation, time off and career growth, once you are able to land a job in the government, you will not want to leave.  One of the best benefits about working for the government is that there are so many different agencies under the government umbrella.  From federal to state and local government, there are job opportunities in many fields.  From medical to criminal justice, there remains to be a need for qualified job candidates possessing specialized backgrounds, experience and skill sets.  Some of the jobs currently in demand within the government sector include medical and public health, security and protection, legal, compliance and enforcement and administrative and program management.

As a result, government jobs have become very attractive to job seekers that are currently in the job market.  As a result, it can become a challenge in landing a job within various government agencies.  With minimal turnover and employee longevity, getting hired can be a long process.  However, landing a government job is not impossible.  As more baby boomers retire and government agencies continue to grow, there will remain to be a need for qualified professionals.

Locating Government Jobs

If you have been unsuccessful in your government job search and growing frustrated in landing a government job, don’t become discouraged.  Keep in mind, although the government recruitment process can be very tedious, time consuming and very competitive, landing a government job can get you to the next stage in your career.  Nevertheless, to avoid an endless cycle of disappointment, it is important to develop an effective job search strategy.  Keeping in mind, one key component of your government job search is to know where the jobs are:


If you are looking to find open job positions within the federal government, USAJobs.Gov is a website you need to become very familiar with.  This website posts a comprehensive list of open positions for government agencies across the globe.

Federal Agency Websites

Begin with the basics.  Know which agencies are out there.  You may want to consider visiting USA.Gov to identify the agencies you would like to apply to.  Keep in mind, many agencies will post open job opportunities on their individual agency websites.

State Agency Websites

Just like the federal government, each state has its own website that lists job opportunities for each of the state agencies.  Visit your state, city or county website to learn more about local employment opportunities within your state.

Professional Networking Websites

When you are in the market for a job, networking can play a major part in how successful you are in your job search.  Within today’s society, social networking has become extremely popular.  Ensure your personal profile is updated on professional network websites such as LinkedIn where you can learn about government agency career opportunities.

Veterans and Military Job Fairs

Various career fairs are held by organizations such as Military.Com that sponsor recruitment opportunities for veterans and military personnel.  Even if you are not a veteran or military personnel, job fairs can assist you in your job search and in learning about opportunities available through the government.

By implementing these easy and simple strategies in your job search, you will be on your way to a great career in the government.