Small Business, Big Impact: How to Sell yourself on a Budget

Small businesses and start-up companies can be under the impression that they shouldn’t make a song and dance about their USP’s or identity until they have begun to grow but self-promotion needn’t be a bad move for small businesses at any stage. Just because you’re a small business, you shouldn’t sell yourself short. You will always have something the completion can’t offer – your individuality. Keep this in mind and follow these tips to make a big statement on a small business budget.


Go viral

Releasing a viral video can be a fantastic way for small businesses to create a big sensation. Word of mouth is replacing traditional paper advertising and is a far more stimulating way to gain appreciation. If you’re not sure where to start, watch some successful viral campaigns for inspiration and ask yourself what the core message and USP behind your business is and try to present this in a funny, moving or even shocking light. It’s your brand – have fun with it!


Get blogging

Setting up a company blog is a cheap and effective way to attract and, more importantly, keep customers. Updating your company website with topical and humourous content will keep customers engaged in your services and increase the likelihood of recommendations and referrals from existing clientele. Staying on top of current trends and events is indispensable in marketing and these articles will generate traffic on a daily basis if you were to link and share your posts on social networking sites.


Get social

As abovementioned, social networking sites are fantastic and free forms of self-promotion and can generate masses of web traffic almost effortlessly. Get plugged into sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Create a Facebook page for your company with a regular blog feed to ensure your customers are kept in the know.

Introduce quarterly prizes and sweepstakes to maintain buzz and post inspirational quotes or humourous videos that may relate to your product or services. Just make sure that you don’t lose sight of your creative company identity. At the end of the day, the most flamboyant catwalk event or film festival will only ever deliver on the basis of the creativity on show, not the A-list guest speakers or after-show fireworks.


Businesses big and small deserve recognition for their passion and determination in an ever-competitive market. Don’t ever let your modest budget leave you short-changed when it matters. Marketing events are a great chance to shine and thankfully, there are many temporary building suppliers that can cater to small company events, size and pocket-wise. Make the most of your business and promote it with pride with the help of a show-stopping event tent – built to make the ultimate impression.