The Best TV Package When you are low on cash

With all the monthly home expenses, most homeowners don’t mind keeping most of them to a minimum. As such, when looking for a cable provider, the lowest monthly rate is a major factor and knowing the industry’s practices ensures you keep the cable bill low. For instance, most cable companies charge low rates for the first six or so months after which prices increase. Some providers are very straightforward about their rates while others are not. Below is a lineup of the best TV package when you have money troubles.




Offering affordable cable TV services in forty states, Comcast XFINITY is the best TV package for every household. It provides a variety of plans for customers to choose but the cheapest rates are included in the mid-level and entry-level packages. Homeowners looking for a simple package may sign up for the entry level package that costs £25-£30 every month for over ten channels. Mid-range plans cost a little more with the price ranging from £30 to £50 every month for over 180 channels. Comcast XFINITY also offers low rates for the first years, but it increases in the 13th month. Comcast XFINITY’s additional features like a library of demand programs, a broad selection of DVRs and Spanish language programming are worth the extra rates in the long run.


AT &T U-verse


It is, so far, the best cable provider listed among cheap cable TV services. The packages charge affordable rates for local channels (when bundled with the internet), but the rates increase for high-end packages that air over 400 channels. Entry-level and mid-range options are included in U-verse plan, which is the most competitive package. However, the rate for U-verse cable option only applies for the first six months of service after which the prices increase. AT&T U-verse plan is one of the few cable TV packages that use fibre optic networks. The systems minimise signal disruption and deliver high-quality pictures and an ideal alternative for homeowners looking to bundle their TV with the internet. Note that AT&T U-verse plan is limited to a few markets, thus if you are lucky enough to reside in the area, it makes the best budget-friendly TV package.


Time Warner Cable


The cable provider offers competitive rates for entry-level, high-end and mid-level packages. The cheapest package costs £20 per month with more than 20 popular channels that comprise local and weather programs. Homeowners looking for a plan with more features can take advantage of the standard TV package that airs over 70 channels or the preferred TV plan that offers over 200 channels, including more than 15,000 on demand titles. Time Warner also provides low rates for the first one year of service after which it increases. However, if you are looking to keep cable costs at a minimum, choose an affordable DVR choice as it increases the bill by an additional £30 every month.


Cablevision Optimum TV


The cable provider offers packages that range from £40-£60 every month. However, Cablevision Optimum TV’s entry-level plan costs higher than most competitors. It lists on the cheap cable TV list because it provides competitive mid-level and high-end packages. And just like the other service providers, Cablevision Optimum TV charges low rates for the first year which increase after that. The cable provider is relatively new in the industry, thus only covers eight states. The package comes with competitive DVR selections, including an option that allows users to record up to four programs at once. Additionally, Cablevision Optimum TV doesn’t need credit checks when signing up, which is helpful for customers whose credit score is below average.


In mature TV industries, service providers thrive by enticing clients from other vendors. As such, customers can haggle down the rates charged and enjoy quality services. Here’s how:


  • Level out the best providers, their prices, and services then call your supplier just before renewing your plan. Quote the best buys and ask for price match.
  • Be polite and friendly. Good haggling should be done by being firm with a touch of gentleness.
  • Let them put you through retentions. If you don’t get the rate desired, mention you are considering leaving. Companies are desperate to keep you, so they are likely to spoil you with better rates (may not be what you want) to retain their customers.