The Best Types of Printed Marketing Material You can Use for Your Business

There are many different ways of marketing your business, product, or service, and digital technology has allowed us to target certain demographics in a fast and convenient way. However, printed material is still one of the best ways to get your message across – and its effectiveness should never be underestimated.

Business cards, banners, flyers, brochures, direct mail – they all have their place and all belong to an effective marketing arsenal. Not only are they perfect to target specific people or be used in specific events, they are now more cost-efficient than ever. Have you ever wondered how printed materials such as roller banners, display stands, personalised banners, exhibition stands, and more can be used most effectively? Here are the best types of printed marketing material you can use for your business.

Business cards

A business card may seem like only a little piece of paper, but it’s a very effective tool to make sure you are remembered by your customers or business contacts. Not only are business cards easy to store and to retrieve, there is also something special about handing them out: you are creating a link between you and your contact. The same goes for a loyalty card or an appointment card.

Brochures and flyers

Never think that just because there are so many other ways of marketing (especially digital) that brochures and flyers have lost their touch – on the contrary, they are often even more effective, because it requires physical contact and can be targeted to specific demographics. They’re great for trade shows or expos.


Banners and posters have been used since time out of mind, and they will continue to be used for a long, long time – that’s because they are very economical and great if you want to create visibility. When it comes to banners and posters, the bigger, the better, as a good banner printing service will agree.

Promotional items and apparel

Yes, having T-shirts printed for your next event is always a great idea. The same goes for pins, hats, and any other clothing or apparel that shows you are on a team.

Direct mail

Postcards, branded envelopes, and paper printed with a logo or a letterhead are much more direct ways of communication. Studies and surveys have shown that 79% of online traffic started with the scanning and reading of direct mail.

Of course, it’s important to ensure your printed materials are of high quality. This means the material should be of quality as well as the printing itself. Nothing is worse than a great logo printed in a resolution that is too high, or colours that are not crisp and clear. Similarly, it’s a big disappointment if you print your promotional logo on a paper-thin T-shirt. Choose quality every time so you can make the right impression.

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