The Best Virtual Offices and Serviced Offices in Manila




When you’re looking for a new office, the temptation can be to undersell the worth of your business. It’s certainly important to be sure of affordability, but try to consider as many options as possible, especially before counting out the finest locations. Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, offers a diverse selection of rental opportunities.

For instance, serviced and virtual offices are two alternatives to standard long hold leases. They are a really great choice if you need extra flexibility and don’t want to commit to a three or five-year contract. Servcorp offers Virtual Office and Serviced Offices in Manila with a range of services to avail of and no ‘lock-in’ contracts.

This guide to flexible office arrangements in Manila will explain why alternative workspaces might be right for you.


Getting to Grips with Virtual

The virtual office is very different to the serviced workspace. It’s important to understand this before you make any commitments to rent. Virtual facilities are highly flexible and super negotiable. They are designed to be used as offsite support systems for home-based ventures.

Essentially, they provide all of the corporate resources (software, mailboxes, phone lines, etc.) that you might lack if you haven’t got a formal office. It is up to you to decide when to visit the actual facility (if at all) because the majority of the resources can be accessed remotely.


Making It a Managed Office

Serviced offices are quite distinct from virtual facilities. They are more traditional because tenants pay to rent out a private workspace. The special thing about serviced offices is that they are fully managed. You rent the space and all the maintenance needed to sustain it.

Everything from heating to lighting, cleaning, air conditioning, and broadband is included in your monthly fee and taken care of by the onsite staff. You do not have to pay any extra towards these utilities. Plus, you get full access to IT support and premium conference rooms.


Where to Find Flexible Office Space

Both serviced, and virtual offices come with the added benefit of prestigious corporate addresses. In Manila, many of these facilities are concentrated in and around the Ayala Avenue area. It is one of the largest and busiest thoroughfares in the Philippines.

For this reason, it’s a fantastic place to be located. There are reliable transport links and no fewer than eight huge shopping malls in the neighbourhood. Clearly, it’s a great place to be if you want to reach consumers and build up a strong brand presence.

If you rent an office here, you’ll be in the company of many of the biggest enterprises in the country. For instance, the Bank of the Philippine Islands, the Philippine Stock Exchange, Ernst & Young Global, and the Union Bank are all resident in or close to Ayala Avenue.


Getting Help from the Right People and Places

It is productive for businesses, even smaller enterprises, to operate in close proximity to market rivals. Not only can you keep a close eye on their movements, but it will also help to bring motivation and energy to your daily routines.

Don’t forget that your successful neighbours will also have a litany of industry contacts. It’s worth considering the value of corporate relationships because you never know who new friends might be able to introduce you to. At the moment, Manila is a real magnet for investors and wealthy entrepreneurs.