The History of Gold

Gold has a long history and its uses and meanings have changed over the years and varied from culture to culture. One thing that has remained constant is gold has always been considered highly valuable. In this article we will discuss a brief history of gold and how this finite resource has had an important role in historical events and still holds great value. Whether you just curious about history or looking to buy gold through a reputable broker such as Birch Gold, the history of gold is fascinating.

Ancient Times
For over 5,000 years we have recorded use of gold being used for jewelry. Ancient Egyptians were big fans and excellent gold craftsman created beautiful pieces of jewelry. The first gold coins were minted and used in western Turkey over 2,500 years ago and were remarkably similar to coins we use today. Gold played a massive role in South American cultures and when colonials first arrived they were astonished by what they considered to be a new wealth of gold, gold being so abundant in South American culture it was even referred to as “excrement of the gods.” Throughout time many people have claimed to be able to make gold, they are known as
alchemist. While the claims and methods of alchemists vary greatly, one thing has been constant, no one has ever made gold. That is primary of appeal of gold throughout history, its rarity and inability to be created by man.

Modern Times

When we think of modern gold most people think of the American gold rush of the 19th century. Fueled by wild tales and speculation thousands of Americans and immigrants from all over the world flocked west towards the Pacific in hopes of striking it rich it in gold infested mountain streams, though the reality often did live up to the legends. The rush migrated from California to Alaska decades later and while some got rich, most prospectors never found the gold they were searching for.

More gold has been mined in the last century than in all of history combined so it could be said the 20th century is the true century of gold. Today, gold is used for jewelry as well as an important financial tool for governments, large economic institutions, and personal investors.

Gold is a fascinating subject with a rich and varied history. The human species has always had a fascination with this rare metal and thus our fascination has led us to place a great deal of value into these finite resource. Today the gold ring is often a symbol of love and wealth and its long history makes this symbol even more powerful. The unique properties and history of gold are what attract buyers to companies like Birch Gold Group. This company sells Gold and Silver products, but they do not promise a profitable investment. The gold and silver are designed to protect your wealth, not to improve your wealth. Gold buyers tend to be people fascinated with this unique metal just as people have been for thousands of years.