The Technology that has Business Booming

Until fairly recently, leaflets and flyers were still the marketing norm and while these traditional forms of promotion may work for some, they are far from ideal for every type of business and they are ultimately an expensive choice in the long-run. In the current technology driven age, digital marketing is blowing all other forms out of the water. Social media and the like allow companies to sell for free and connect more closely to their clientele than ever before. We explore the technology that is changing the face of business.


Mobile and Tablet Apps

Since the dawn of basic iPhone apps that allowed you to check the weather, store shopping lists or find the nearest restaurant, entrepreneurs have conquered the app market and made it their own. Thanks to mobile phone and tablet apps, companies can make their presence known to the customer 24/7 and provide clients with a cost-free alternative to in-house calls since clients can order products, review services and make arrangements at the tap of a button.

In addition to customers being able to benefit from free access to services on the go, apps make lives easier for staff too. Since employees can view and amend appointments and work rotas on the go, balancing work and home life at our own convenience has become easier and more flexible than ever.


Instant Messaging and Video

In less than a decade, instant messaging services such as Skype have simplified the face of business. In addition to personal video messaging, Skype have branched out into business versions, offering features such as video conferencing and cheap international calls. The former option in particular has the ability to simultaneously streamline almost every aspect of business. The capacity to contact customers, keep in touch with overseas clients and hold board meetings at any time in any given location is astounding and is lowering company expenditure and increasing revenue for industries worldwide.


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