Trading Your Old Phones If You’re Low On Cash

Now, you can recycle and sell your damaged or outdated iPhone online and get some cash for it.


The shock from watching your phone fall deep in a sink full of water or hit the floor takes time to fade away. After such events, there are usually two outcomes; your phone gets completely destroyed, never to be used again or it is still intact but needs a series of repairs.


While repairs can seem less expensive than buying a new phone, the total cost in the long-term is not worth it. Plus, there is always the possibility of you revisiting the repair shop for recurring issues. That is why mobile uses are now selling their damaged or old phones to buy new ones.


Mobile recycling is increasingly growing popular, thanks to the vigilant ‘green campaigns.’ Reselling your cell phone instead of throwing it away is good for the environment. -but do you know that it can make you some extra cash?


iPhones are expensive devices, and it can be very frustrating for users who feel the need to upgrade to the latest model every time it comes. For example, if you have iPhone 7 32GB, but you want to upgrade to iPhone 8, you will be able trade in your iPhone 7 for some cash.


Here are tips on selling and recycling your iPhone 7 32GB for cash


Clean, polish and take a photo


If your phone is dirty or old-looking, you might get less money for it. Therefore, ensure that you thoroughly clean your phone and polish its appearance. Remove any stickers or residue on the phone (particularly the sides and earphone plug). Unless your screen protector lacks bubbles and blemishes, remove it too. If you want to fetch a good amount from your iPhone, make sure always to keep it in good condition.


After you have cleaned up your device to satisfactory levels, take a picture. The more appealing your iPhone looks on pictures, the more deals you will receive. Check the lighting and use either a friend’s phone to take the picture or a real camera.


Decide on a price


You want to make as much cash as possible for your iPhone trade-in. Therefore, it is wise to research the different possible prices and compare them with your phone’s condition. Start by taking a look at the existing price of used iPhones in the market.


As all the problems that your phone has, from the earpiece to power, screen or batteries. Determine the kind of scratches and blemishes that your phone bears. You can now browse different markets and platforms, to see the going rates of other iPhones, in a similar state to yours.


Pricing of recycled phones is highly affected by the screen condition. An iPhone with an entirely broken screen is most likely to be rejected or bought for a minimal sum. On the contrary, a phone with a relatively new-looking screen will make you some decent cash. Even if the back is scratched and full on blemishes, some customers will still buy and use a phone case.


Where to sell your used phone online


There are two ways of selling your iPhone 7 on the web. You can either sell directly or apply for it to be bought by a phone recycling company.


If you decide to sell directly to your customers, then you should ensure that it will bring value to you. Some sites charge a high transactional fee, thereby leaving you with only a small amount. Watch out for terms and conditions like shipping and packaging and determine if the profit is worth it, before directly selling on a market.


Selling to a used-phone kiosk might be more profitable than doing it yourself on eBay or any similar form of market. Find out which phone recycling company fits you best and apply for them to buy your phone. Most of these businesses have different levels of payment, depending on the phone’s condition.


iPhones with no blemishes and work and look like new, usually attract a full amount. Unfortunately, most phone recycling companies do not accept iPhones with severely broken, cracked or bent screens.